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Where to Landscape

Be sure to put plenty of hard thought into which area around your home you choose to landscape. Though your options are necessarily limited by the geography around your home, there are no boundaries to your imagination!

You can gather ideas by taking a peek at your neighbors' lawns. Observe how they have arranged trees, shrubs and plants, and what colors have been arranged to complement one another. You may find that your landscape project will benefit from the ideas of your surrounding neighbors.

You might consider, as many do, landscaping on the outskirts of your property, adding floral borders. This can be arranged in straight lines or elegant scalloped edges.

Many landscape designers delight in planting flower beds around lampposts, isolated mailboxes, and freestanding trees. These options preclude the issue of difficult mowing around trees, mailboxes, lampposts, etc. and, at the same time, beautify your lawn.