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Patio and Deck Landscaping

Patios and decks are a fantastic extension of our homes. They are areas where we can relax outdoors and entertain family and friends. Most people associate the word landscaping with plants and grunt work, but remember: landscaping refers to the overall arrangement of elements in your yard, including decks and patios.

The decisions you make in the early stages of patio and/or deck design will determine how formal your space will be. Make sure the size of the space is appropriate for how you want to use your patio or deck. If you're a big fan of dining outdoors, be sure the patio or deck is large enough to accommodate tables, chairs, and guests.

Usually, deck and patio plans employ a square or rectangular shape. Make sure your deck complements the shape of your house and garden and does not break off and look inappropriate and incongruous.

Though decks are usually made of pressure-treated wood, there are other durable synthetic construction materials that can be used. Patio materials also come in many forms, such as stone, brick, concrete, interlocking pavers and tiles. Interlocking layers usually formalize a patio's look, while natural stone or textured cement provide a rustic look.